How do I report an error on OneX?

How do I report an error on OneX?

If you are experiencing an issue with any self-paced video content, here is how you make a report.

Step 1:  
Go to the subject you are having the issue with and select "resume."
On the left side of the content player window,  Select the "Report Technical Issues" button.

Step 2:
 A pop-up window will appear. The course name, lesson, and content fields are automatically filled

  1. Select an option from the "What is Wrong?" dropdown menu.

"Content is not playing"
"I m not hearing anything"
"There seems to be a typo"
  1. Type a detailed message describing the issue you are experiencing. The more specific, the quicker we are able to solve the issue.

  2. Click "Submit" 

A success message will appear with the ticket number of the issue you just reported. You will also get an email confirmation that your issue was reported.

An agent from the Content Team will review your issue and respond using the main account's email address.

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