What is StudyPack on OneX by One on One?

What is StudyPack on OneX by One on One?

StudyPack membership on OneX by One on One enables students to gain academic success in any area. You can get one on one personalised tutoring or learn with a group of no more than six members.



6-month membership for JMD 5000

12 month (Yearly) membership for JMD 8000

Membership includes:
  • Understanding various topics with on-demand videos breaking down PEP and CXC concepts.

  • Over 40,000 expert Q&As for all PEP and CXC subjects.

  • Diagnostic app to identify the areas you need to focus on.

  • Access to book the best personal tutors and coaches in the region.



  • Dr Una, your math bot, will solve any problem or equation. You ask, she answers.

  • 24/7 Expert Assistance in all Grade 4 – 11 subjects.  


Our tutoring sessions offer personalised help in weak areas for various subjects, SBA and Lab assistance, homework helper and much more.


Academic Coaching enables students to be prepared for the challenges they may face while learning. Through our coaching sessions, students are motivated with new strategies to help with their academic success. Still, they are not limited to: Goal Setting, Time Management, Overcoming Procrastination, Test Preparation and Note Taking.


Tutoring/Academic Coaching are available from JMD 3250.

Booking a tutor/academic coach can be done on our website via the tutoring and coaching tab or through this form.

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